Be a Healthy Role Model!


Setting a good example for your children is the best way to instill healthy eating habits. Limit trips to fast food restaurants and don’t eat meals “on the go.” Portions tend to be higher in both of these situations as the focus is on eating quickly, instead of healthy. Prepare healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables ahead of time. This will give you and your children easy access to food that is good for you in between meals instead of grabbing prepackaged foods.

If you do not like a particular food, that doesn’t automatically mean your children will not enjoy it. Introduce a variety of options and make eating healthy fun and interactive. Allow your kids to assist in stirring, peeling or shredding foods to make them feel part of the process. They will be more likely to try foods that they have helped create.

Finally, don’t ban foods from the house or consume diet products that may give your children the wrong idea about food. Avoid complaining about your weight or about shedding pounds. Children have a tendency to mimic their parents – express a positive attitude about body image and good food choices and your children will follow your lead.