The Power of Green


The school year often brings with it busy and hectic schedules, and keeping simple after-school snack options mixed into the routine is essential. Frozen treats like shakes are an easy (and sneaky) way to add fruits and vegetables to children’s diets, especially if they’re picky eaters.

Incorporating fresh fruit is a great way to infuse color and flavor… and of course, vitamins and minerals. The different colors are fun and inviting, while hidden fruit and vegetables provide a powerful nutritional punch. And what’s more, they are quick and easy to prepare.

Try different fruit and vegetable combinations for supercharged smoothie options. Mix blueberries with walnuts for brain-boosting antioxidants, or peaches with bananas and shredded carrots for plenty of vitamins A, K and potassium. Or, simply add a handful of spinach for a healthy, nearly tasteless “green” addition to just about any smoothie. Also, using low or nonfat frozen yogurt can help save on calories and fat.

Just remember, there aren’t any rules, so keep experimenting and “shake” things up!