Whole Wheat Pasta


If you’re looking for a way to increase the nutritional value of a hearty meal, consider whole wheat pasta! Available in a wide variety of brands, sizes and shapes, whole wheat pastas can be found on most grocery store and specialty market shelves. Regular pastas are typically made with a refined wheat grain, resulting in lower fiber and nutrient levels. Whole wheat pasta is produced with the entire wheat grain. The germ and bran of the grain are intact in whole wheat flour, meaning fiber and nutrient levels of the noodles are higher. Additionally, this healthy pasta choice is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, and is a prime source of dietary fiber.

Whole wheat pastas clearly have a bonanza of health benefits, but how do they compare when it’s time to eat? Most will agree that they have a familiar flavor, with textures varying from brand to brand. Whole wheat pastas tend to be darker in color, though they may lighten when cooked. So try a range of brands with different recipes and begin to reap the rewards of this natural noodle. You are certain to find a favorite.