Greening Your Body and Mind


An eco-friendly lifestyle can include “green workouts” that get your energy pumping while putting less strain on the environment. And the best part is the variety – there are plenty of ways for you to go green with your fitness routine.

Reduce the pollution emitted from your car by trying your next workout at home! Simple yoga exercises can be done in your own living room and can be an extremely relaxing way to start or finish your busy day. If you decide to go to a gym, choose one that is close to your office for a lunchtime exercise break or find one close to home. Also, try to use self-propelled machines that don’t require electricity such as stationary bikes, including ellipticals.

Choose workout gear that is made of organic cotton to ensure there are no added chemicals that could harm the environment. Also, make your workout greener by using a washable, refillable water bottle. By refilling a bottle, fewer resources are used – including energy. If you do need to grab a bottle of water on the go, make sure to recycle it when it’s empty.

Incorporate more physical activities into your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the elevator – you will be saving energy while getting a few more steps in your day. Wash your kitchen floor by hand instead of using a vacuum, and perform a few simple sit-ups while watching television. Clean out your closets, basement and garage. You will not only feel great physically, but mentally as well. Don’t forget to donate or recycle what you are getting rid of!