Personal Maintenance Chores


Places to go and people to see?

You’ll have to wait, and complete your personal maintenance chores first.

Weighing six pounds and stretching about 20 square feet, our skin is the largest organ. Moisturize daily to keep skin moist and supple while providing protection from the environment.

Styling your hair, applying makeup and adding accessories to your outfit are all optional, but looking good makes you feel better and boosts confidence. Now go ask for that raise!

Poor oral health is linked to several medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease so take flossing and brushing seriously. And appreciate that fresh minty flavor while you’re at it… early homemade toothpastes included such ingredients as crushed bones, oyster shells, chalk, pulverized brick and salt.

Use a facial moisturizer that includes sunscreen to get twice the benefit: you protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous radiation while keeping your skin soft and younger looking.

Food is fuel – so make time to eat a healthy breakfast each day. Plus, taking morning medications and vitamins on a full stomach makes the pills more effective.

Exfoliating two or three times a week helps clear your face of dead skin cells, stimulates new cells and gives you a natural glow that advertises your skincare regimen. A radiant complexion is always good!

Washing your hair every other day cleanses your scalp of excess oil and environmental pollutants. There’s no need for excessive brushing – in days gone by when bathing was less frequent, brushing took the place of washing.