Pet Blessings


Pets are beloved family members and they provide us with more benefits than we might realize.

Studies show that owners of pets tend to live longer, feel less stressed and have fewer health problems than those who don’t. What’s more, nearly all pet owners surveyed in a national poll say that their animal companions make them smile least once daily.

Having pets increases opportunities to exercise and enjoy the outdoors more often than we would without pets. It also provides a chance to bond with other family members over our shared love for our pets, and to socialize with fellow pet owners.

Having pets helps teach younger kids about friendship, respect for other living beings and responsibility. Studies have shown that children who have pets in the family have higher self esteem as well.

These are some reasons that show just how much we love and need our furry, four-legged friends. Be sure to show your pet your love and appreciation today and every day and remember – having a pet is most definitely a plus!