Stay in Shape Despite your Schedule


Does it feel like you’re always on the run? Don’t let a tight schedule squeeze you out of a healthy exercise regimen. Whether you’re running from meeting to meeting, from work to your child’s soccer practice, or from one airport terminal to another, let these tips help you stay healthy while on the go.

Keep resistance bands close at hand. Resistance bands – durable rubber tubing with handles on each end for easy gripping or anchoring – come in different levels of resistance. They’re affordable, lightweight and extremely portable. Keep them in your office and take breaks during the day to work on toning arms, chest, shoulders, legs, back and belly muscles. Or throw them into your carry-on for your next trip.

Stock up on smart eating options. Part of the challenge of staying healthy is finding time to prepare delicious, well-balanced meals. It’s hard to burn off calories once you’ve taken them in – so why not make smart food choices to begin with? Take a trip to your local grocery store’s healthy food section to stock up on fresh and packaged food that you can easily enjoy either as meals, between meetings or as snacks to hold you over until you get home.

Take advantage of the little things. Think about ways you can incorporate more physical activity into the tasks you do every day. Park a little farther from the door when you make a run to the store. Take the stairs rather than the elevator to your next meeting. Split the lunch hour – use the first half to put on your tennis shoes, grab a coworker and take a few walks around the block, and then use the second half to sit down and enjoy the high-fiber, low-calorie food that you’ve prepared ahead of time.

Instead of letting your schedule put the squeeze on physical activity, a little planning can help you turn the tables and put the squeeze on sluggishness and fatigue!